{Zaara}- New dresses – Chaya

September 8, 2008

I was often requested for the black dress I used in the ‘Maitri’ jacket ad, so I did a version and here it is 🙂

The Chaya dress is a distinctive piece in satin with motif detailing, available in 3 individual designs and colour palettes. It uses elements from Indian iconography such as peepal leaves, peacock feathers and lotuses, embroidered with see through net, available in black, plum and cream. The top can be paired with glitch panties and turned into a bathing suit

This dress is 100% handdrawn 😀

the dress includes: 3 skirt styles – printed- normal and poofy, and plain.
2 styles of glitch pants – shorts and panties (in both layers each)
1 top in all three layers

{New} Chaya pipal

{New} Chaya Lotus

{New} Chaya Peacock


Available at mainstore
SLURL : {Zaara} Mainstore,Tesla

Or search for ‘Zaara’ in Classifieds/Places, or check my profile picks for a TP

One Response to “{Zaara}- New dresses – Chaya”

  1. Kristin Joy Says:

    Love those pretty colors of these dresses… I prefer to shop at Woman Within for all kinds of stylish stuff!!

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