{Zaara} for RFL

June 8, 2009

I’m participating in the The FASHION EXPO 2008 organised by The All-Stars RFL Team benefiting Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society.. The event requires two creations for this Expo, a one-of-a kind outfit that will be auctioned and two other special items that will be up for sale at the venue only.

Alina : One-of-A-kind Auction

This piece will be a part of the auction set for the RFL Fashion Expo.Its is a one-of-a kind item that will never be sold again.

The ‘Alina’ gown, a rich gold hand-drawn gown with a long trail and pleated accents on the torso. the top is partial sheer and comes in 3 degrees of sheer and two options for the skirt… with a long trail or a classic straight version.

Teleport to auction area

{Zaara} One-of-a-kind auction for RFL : Alina Gown


RFL Specials
I combined the top from the Indian outfit Frawla with the Ishaya pants and the result seems pretty cute. Ananya is a babydoll dress in purple and moss green, just for RFL


SLURL for Fashion Expo

❤ Zaara Kohime

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