{Zaara} Ethnic : Kurta sets

April 24, 2010


{Zaara} Ethnic


A Kurta is a versatile top that is a part of everyday wear in the Indian subcontinent. This loose fitting tunic has now weaved its way into popular culture and worn widely with jeans, skirts, leggings etc., to give a spin to boho-chic style. Traditonally worn with a ‘churidar‘ which are tight fitting cotton draw-string pants and a ‘dupatta‘ (scarf) draped around the neck … partly for decency and mostly for style. 😉

{Zaara} : Ethnic Kurtas

{Zaara} : coming soon

Syona Kurta / Churidar pants and Tanya dupatta scarves
Syona Kurta: This knee length top features a deep neck with a rich woven border and gold/silver accents.
Available in 9 colors with sculpted sleeves and base.

Tanya Dupatta: A versatile scarf, draped around the decollete, is textured in a rich fabric with gold/silver accents .
Available in 12 colors

Churidar Pants: Tight fitting cotton pants usually worn under a kurta. These are a version of the Ishaya slacks.
Available in 12 colors

{Zaara} Syona Kurta

{Zaara} Tanya Dupatta (scarf)

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