{Zaara} : Ilaida Mojri

May 29, 2010


{Zaara} Footwear


Finally {Zaara}’s first foray into footwear! These shoes are a collaborative effort with my partner Sawyer Campese of LE.LOOK! who has regularly contributed most of the sculpties for {Zaara}.

Mojris are traditional Indian footwear made from handcrafted leather, ranging from casual inlayed leather to intricate jewelled and embroidered styles.

{Zaara} : Ilaida Mojri

The Ilaida Mojri is a casual chic style in textured leather and metallic lining in fresh colors, perfect for summer. The modern accents makes it ideal to pair with mostly anything. Its scripted to resize and the top is changeable between 12 colors and gold/silver options for the lining.

{Zaara} Ilaida mojris

Available in 12 colors, re-sizable and color changeable tops and lining.

Mainstore SLURL :
{Zaara} Mainstore~

Or search for ‘Zaara’ in Classifieds/Places, or check my profile picks for a TP

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