{Zaara} Platinum Hunt

August 13, 2011

Platinum Hunt

The Anjami earrings are an exclusive item set out at a special price of 10L for the Platinum hunt. The item is hidden somewhere in the store, so start hunting 🙂

{Zaara}@Platinum Hunt

{Zaara}@Platinum Hunt

Mainstore SLURL :
{Zaara} Mainstore~

Or search for ‘Zaara’ in Classifieds/Places, or check my profile picks for a TP

One Response to “{Zaara} Platinum Hunt”

  1. sohawtsl Says:

    Ok, these.. are.. just beautiful..
    Today, while clearing some older items out of my inventory, I decided to attack my “hunts & prizes” folder and these were in it..
    And, I am not disappointed at all.
    Normally, I do not keep Earrings…because, I am an elf, and honestly, normally, too lazy to “add” and edit… lol..
    However, these are winners!!
    Thank you for offering such a wonderful gift!

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